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It seems like the options for an open air test bench case is limited. I seen 2 DIYPC models from newegg and 2 expensive lian li ones. I would like to get something for a reasonable price (<$100) that supports AIO water coolers. I'm looking at a Kraken X62 (140mmx2) possibly.

The purpose of the system is to simply test video cards while not being a spaghetti mess of cables lying on the floor/counter, and to be able to mount a USB 3.0 bracket nicely. I pick up broken/untested/cheap video cards for testing and resale. The system used to test these was recently upgraded to an Asrock Z370 taichi, 8700k delidded, and 2x8GB GSkill TridentZ 4266MHz 19-19-19-39 (which comfortably runs at 16-17-17-36, other subtimings tuned). I know, it's sad I don't intend to play games or really put the system to it's potential, but I'd like to use it as a backup system if my threadripper system ever has downtime.

I saw some "dimastech" cases but the years they quote are quite a ways back and I'm worried the site or company is defunct, plus the cases are pretty expensive. The radiator fan holes are also only 120mm and not 140mm, though there are mounting holes for 140mm (it's not sized right for 140mm). http://www.dimastechusa.com/dimastech-bench-test-table-easy-v30-metallic-grey

So any suggestions for my use case?
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