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Looking for backup software

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So I recently bought a new external hard-drive... and well i want to start using this to my advantage and automatically backing up files / folders ect...

Here is what I am looking for:
A. The ability to sync whatever is in my music / documents folder onto my external hard-drive. Only at specific times (basically mirroring the folders,), NOT real time. I'm gonna need this done maybe 1-2 times a week.

Example: if a file is removed from the music folder it will still be located on the external. It will NOT upload my whole music folder every time a sync comes up... only newly added files (or modified files).

B. The ability to backup specific files and folders and save the date during that save.

so lets say I have a file named
I would want it saved every X often (X is where I define how often) as
mpdata - MM-DD-YY.log (m = month d= day y = year) or in folders with the date named. basically just a backup saved with a date when specified.

I'm looking for an all in one program... any ideas?
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Use this Windows program and set it to run as a "Scheduled Task" and run twice a week at a specified time:

SyncToy 2.1

You can easily sync multiple folder pairs to mirror what's in each folder, it will recursively scan objects in each folder and look at differences and then copy over said objects.
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