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Hey everyone, thanks in advance for any advice you've got for me!

So recently I've been running both an ARK dedicated server for me and my buddies as well as a home DLNA server (using Universal Media Server) off my personal gaming desktop, which has now also become my work-from-home PC. The ARK server in particular eats up a ton of system resources so I don't love having it run in the background while I'm working and I'm also not great at remembering to relaunch the ARK server after I restart my PC (usually for Windows 10 updates 🙄).

My brother recently got a sweet new gaming rig and gave me his old gaming desktop, so I think it would make the most sense to move my ARK and DNLA servers to this machine so I can leave it running and not have to worry about it on my work computer.

Honestly though I don't know the first thing about servers so I was just planning to keep Win10 on there but I'm thinking that may not be the best option due to updates and restarts n' stuff. Would it make sense to install a linux distribution instead? If I did that could I run windows on it in a VM? I know both ARK dedicated Servers and UMS can run on linux, but ARK Server Manager is what I use to tweak the server settings and install mods n' stuff, which only runs on Windows I believe.

With a linux install I could "Samba Share" the drive that UMS pulls media from, right? So I'd be able to add and delete files from the DNLA server remotely?

Also, I believe the PC currently has only a single 2tb or so HDD in it currently - would there be any benefit to installing the OS on an SSD instead, booting from that, and just using the HDD(s) for media and server files? I'm sure I've got a spare 128gb SSD lyin' around here somewhere.

Please forgive my ignorance when it comes to such things, I usually just game on Windows so I'm a real noob when it comes to this stuff lol. Thanks again for any advice y'all are willing part with!

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As an avid Linux user myself... DO NOT use it for Ark servers unless you are running Vanilla Ark.
Don't get me wrong, it runs rock solid; but i spent HOURS; DAYS fixing issues that StudioWorthlesscrap caused by their updates..

Mod installation on Linux requires you to download and install them on a Windows PC then transfer them over as there is a 50% chance downloading them from within Ark corrupts your files when running Linux..

Again. i LOVE linux; but Linux and Ark do not play well together..

The guy who ran a 9 server Ark Cluster on Linux for 2 years
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