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Looking for: Damn fast memory (~2400 MHz CL9)

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Okay, here's my issue: I need really fast RAM for my PC because, quite surprisingly, it affects my framerate in BF3 a lot.

Currently I use 2*4 GB of Crucial Ballistix Elite 1866 MHz, 9-9-9-27 1.5 V. I can run them at 2148 MHz/1.59 V 9-9-10-27 1T or 2362 MHz/1.77 V 9-9-11-24 2T. Pretty nice, but I have seen that there is stil room for improvement after testing settings which aren't exactly stable.

Other relevant system specs:

ASRock P67 Pro3
3770 non-K 4.4 GHz (107.34 MHz*41, this is how I get the funny memory clocks)

There would be another memory divider for 2290 MHz, but for some reason my PC really doesn't like this one and won't boot. My IMC cannot go beyond ~2450 MHz, which makes 2362 MHz my highest usable clock. So to improve on my Ballitix Elite, I would like to get RAM that can run one of these settings (or comparable/better):

2362 MHz 9-10-10-27 1T
2362 MHz 9-9-11-27 1T
2148 MHz 8-8-9-24 1T
2148 MHz 8-9-8-24 1T

I don't care much whether the RAM is already specified to run at these settings or they can be reached via overclocking. Though I would prefer it if the memory voltage stayed below 1.7 V. Kits I have already tested:

TeamGroup Xtreem 2666 MHz 1.65 V 11-13-13-35
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 MHz 1.5 V 9-11-10-27

They both failed to beat the Ballistix Elite. There are many interesting G.Skill TridentX kits, but they have been out of stock for a long time and are no longer available.

If you have any recommendations in the below 150 $/€ range, I'd love to hear them. 8 GB suffice.
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I'm not surprised to see those speeds with your Ballistix Elite - only the best of the best bins of DDR3 Micron makes goes onto the modules. Every one of the 1866 kits I've tested will do 2133 @ the 1866 advertised 9-9-9-27 / 2T at 1.55v, and quite a few do 2400 @ 10-10-10-31 / 2T at 1.65v

Honestly, I'm surprised your BF3 FPS goes up more than 3-4 FPS from 1866 to 2133 or faster. Do you have any benchmarks to show what the relationship of RAM speed to frames is?

Oh, I don't expect the increase from the current with the Ballistix state to something huge either, but it seems to be there and I would at least like to have a look at it. If it is no worth the money, i can still return the memory. Here is a plot of 5 minute benchmarks on an empty server, taken in very demanding spots on 3 different maps. 1432 9-9-9-27 1T was what I was using before I got the Ballistix.

BF3 can be heavily limited by your CPU's cache, and since you don't have much of that, low access times to your RAM start counting.
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Newegg has the 2x4 GB G Skill Trident X 2400 MHz CL9 kit in stock, albeit for $10 more than I paid for mine a month ago:


I've had no problems getting them to run at their rated speed and timings. Haven't felt the need to push much further, beyond tightening the command rate down to 1T
Unfortunately, I'm from Europe and this is one of the many TridentX kits which are out of stock here

Actually, I ordered it a few days ago because one shop allegedly had it available, but turned out they didn't.
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