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Looking for help on a e2160 OC

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Ok I already have it OCed from its base of 1.8 up to 3.0. I was wondering if any one had pointers on how to get some more out of it. Its stable so far I ran two passes of memtest on the Ram with no error and tested the CPU with occt for 1 hour with large data set settings.

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Going to need to know your settings.

memory settings

Assuming your running 333*9 and about 1.35vcore. Just boost your vcore and lower your ram multi and raise your bus slowly.
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My settings are:

Bus 334.0 MHz
Rated FSB 1336.1 MHz
Vcore 1.376
(have had to keep speed step on to boot into windows 7 for some reason)

memory settings - Left managed by motherboard only setting I stuck was 1.8 voltage
Freq: 445.3 MHz
CL 5.0
tRCD 6
tRP 6
tRAS 21
tRFC 58

temps (Real Temp 3.00)
Idle 26 (Core 1) and 27 (Core 2)
Max Core 1 and Core 2 stay below 50 maxing at 48 (Core 1) and 49 (Core 2)

Any way I could improve?
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That's a reasonably nice OC for an E2160 I believe.

I'm not used to seeing ram dividers in that format (ie mine are 1:1.5 etc), so I may have my maths wrong, but it looks like you're OCing your ram. you might get a higher OC if you lower the ram divider. Although I don't think that will have much of an effect as you have good OCing ram, and it's only OCed by a bit.
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Thanks, there is a setting to lower the ram hmz but it only gives me three settings. So I dropped that setting to its lowest option think it was something like 2.6 and it automatically matches the ram hmz to the bus I entered, I tried upping voltages to egg out a few more hmz but at 334, it seems that's the best I can do and still boot.

I'm thinking maybe I'll try for a better motherboard next year like a p45 or x48...
hoping to get my hands on a free e8500 and see what I can do to it.
What did you try uping the voltages to for vcore?

Also once you go over 333mhz FSB, you're going over your boards maximum stock level, try increasing the northbridge voltage a little. I'm not sure what the default is for G41, I think it's 1.25v for P35 boards.

P.S. The short form of megahertz is "mhz" not "hmz"
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drop your ram to 1:1 while you up the cpu so you know its not a ram issue if/when you crash.

then increase the fsb till it wont post and then up the vcore again till it does, repeat untill heat becomes an issue.

those cpu are good for 1.5v+ so i think keeping it cool will become your biggest problem.

once you have found out its limits tyhen work on the ram divider to see how high you can run and then work out where you want it for 24/7 with regards to cpu speed/ram speed and voltages for both that your happy with all day everyday.
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K now I just need to figure out how to change the ram divider and northbridge voltage. I'll be back with how things work out.
I have an e2160. It loves voltage. To the point that it is scary.. 3.4ghz shouldn't be too much of a problem if your motherboard can do it. If you want 3.6ghz you can expect to give it 1.6v.

3.4ghz is the max I recommend for 24/7 use, it should be capable of it at 1.55v or less. You have to give it a lot of voltage to get higher after that, and the temps get high unless you have a good cooler.
in the mit the ram ratio is done in numbers, so for a 1:1 ratio you need to pick x 2.0

you might need to press ctrl and f1 on the main bios screen to open the extra bios options in the mit tho
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Using a P45 ud3p board with all my voltages set to auto my ram, at 2.00D and my CPU multi at 6 I can raise my FSB to 445. Cant post at 446 tried raising voltages but I wasn't to sure of what to raise and I still couldnt post.

Using those same setting (AUTO) while just changing my Mutli back to its max 9 I can post fine at 415, but when I pass that to 417 and up its touch and go, I had it around 440 and got it to post once then it crapped out and I so I tried stepping it back slowly but couldn't get it to post again till I had it at 415. Then I tried stepping back to 417 first try it got to the bios logo then rebooted then it posted again but let me get into the bios settings. For now I'm going to step it down to 415 and work on a lower vcore that postable for it and look up a guide for tightening my ram timing just in case there isn't any assistance any1 could give to beat the 417 FSB im stuck on.


EDIT: Current CPU 9x415mhz 1.537V (37 degress idle
according to pc health status in bios), RAM 2.66D-1107mhz 2.2V going to run Memtest then OCCT to check stability.

With the twicking I did learn that its not my ram holding me back, its just finding out what power I need for the CPU to be able to move up in its hmz. I would love some help on what to change to push my cpu up. Do I just raise vcore or do I now need to raise south and north bridge Voltage.
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