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Looking for inexpensive TALL HTPC case

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I really like the form factor for the HTPC, but I want to fit my sig rig in it, is there anything in the $100 range for an HTPC case that can accommodate a full ATX, a few 120mm fans, a Scythe Mugen 2, and a HD4870? I checked Newegg and a few other places, but the only ones I have found are around $400, I cannot afford as such. I think it would have to be at least 7 inches deep to safely fit the Mugen. Even a cube would be cool, but most cubes will only take the micro ATX, where else should I look for such a case, thanks.

Anybody have any experience with these? Do you think the quality would be okay?

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I don't know any cube's that fit ATX (personally). But if you like HTPC style, check out the Silverstone LC series, they all support full ATX and two of which are at or under the $100 price (LC10 is one of them I believe). Newegg stocks these.
How long is the HD4870? It might fit in the case I used in my HTPC build(shameless plug).

edit: I'm an idiot. Missed the 7" height restriction.
That 7" requirement makes it hard to find one.
There are quite a few that are 6-6.5" deep on Newegg.
Well, this is pretty much the tallest case around. (Click Me!)

I can't say whether or not this one will fit a mugen 2, but it will fit an AC freezer 7 pro. Fit's a 9800GTX also, so if the 4870 is the same length it should fit. (yea, I know, it's wood...kinda out there
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I just picked up this guy the other day. So far, I think was a good buy. 5 eggs on Newegg. The dimensions are L x W x H: 22.05" x 9.45" x 20.47". It's only $90 right now. It's got two 120mm fans. Plenty of room for expandability: Six 3.5" internal slots and five 5.25" drive bays.

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