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not sure if it's in the right section, so if it's not would appreciate if any mods can move it.

planning on using them mostly on my way to work (bus/train) and during my time at the office, if it will have a decent mic will probably replace my cloud II with it.

Must haves:
noise cancelling
have good build quality and can last for a long time

Nice additions to have:
good sound quality on headphones and mic.

I considered the g933 but it looks to be quite heavy and they just look awful
currently own the hyperx cloud II and they are pretty much great except the fact that they give me neck pain during extended use (long neck) so that's why I am looking for ligher headphones.

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I know Sony makes some MDR line that has some mics for a phone. They would be smaller foot print then those HyperX They are also lighter and some come with the extra bass to. Be sure to note if they are over the ear or on the ears.

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thread title: I want headphones

thread: I want a headset

make up your mind first :laughings
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