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Looking for NB VID in BIOS

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I own a Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0 and while looking through my BIOS I noticed that i don't have the NB VID setting (which i believe controls the voltage between the Phenom II's On die memory controller to the northbridge.) is there a program, BIOS update or some sort of backdoor to this setting (like with some Gigabyte boards you have to push [Alt+F2] or something like that) as im currently stuck at 3.375Ghz and would like to go higher.
Thank you in advance
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I have a Gigabyte 790X board, so I don't know if this applies to your BIOS, but on mine, it's under the Tweaking section and shows up as "CPU NB Vid Control". There is also an ability to show advanced BIOS settings by pressing CTRL-F1 at the main BIOS screen, so perhaps on your board it only shows up in an advanced menu. Wish I could tell you for sure, tho'!
Yea, i was hoping that there was some form of advanced menu where the option was hidden, unfortunately CTRL-F1 didnt unlock this menu. Thank you though
If you have to use amd over drive. But flash to the newest bios to see if it adds the option.
Updated to bios version ending in po5, however didnt add the option,
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