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Looking For New Build [HELP]

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Hi Guys,

i am looking to build a new rig, i have a small budget of £300 just looking for you guys to post your ideas on the best rig

also is it worth selling my sig rig? what is it worth? i will add the money from that to the new £300 for the new build so it gives me a higher budget...

please post links guys
thank you
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Erm, I doubt 300 pounds is going to get you a better rig than the one you have now. What I would do is just get a nice upgrade on the GPU and HDD
Your CPU is good just overclock it & you will be good.

The best you can do is to keep your current rig & just replace your GPU because it sucks & maybe buy a new HDD too.

If you use it for gaming than this is what you should do.

Look at my rig,the CPU is older than the one you have,but i overclocked it to gain more performance.

There is no game that i cant play with max settings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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