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Looking for some input. New to overclock.

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Hey. Names Steve. I am new to overclocking and enhancing my computers performance. Looking to get some info from you guys about my system and what I can do to get optimal performance.

Here is my rig:
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Your core is running at 1.2Ghz, your multiplier is screwed, you need to set that to 21. Go into your bios and set that, see if you have speed step enabled, disable that and then check it, the processor itself should clock to 3Ghz nicely on air, You'll need to up your FSB for that, but do it incrementally. I wouldn't bother touching the voltage unless you experiance instability.

Welcome and regards


EDIT, Just checked your bus speed, its too high, before changing your Multiplier change your bus speed to 133 or there abouts
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In all honesty.. No idea where I would even go to change my core and bus speed
when your computer posts/boots up you will see a screen that says:

press (whatever it says to press) to access bios screen or something like that

push the button it tells you to push and you can go in and start messing around with your settings

its fun stuff once you figure out what everything does. i would suggest printing off the ocn guide or having another computer/notebook running next to you so you can reference what all the options do

good luck!
Post your question in the section that M1 linked to, you'll get more responses there.

To change these settings, you need to get into your BIOS. You usually hit the delete key, or F8, or sometimes F2.
ahhhh I get you now mmparkskier. ty

ill do that Fatty Beef thanks for the input
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