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Just to give some background. I've recently upgraded from a Q6600 to I5 6600K with an Asus Z170-A. However after 3 months during usage it froze. It rebooted and went through the UEFI fine but the moment any OS tries to run it hangs or restarts including Linux and Windows on USB and CD. A Memtest freezes 10 seconds in which pretty much confirms that it is RAM related. I've checked all slots with different sticks, reset the CMOS, checked the timings...etc.

I tried to return the motherboard however my warranty was void from a bent pin, probably related to having a tower cooler as I have never previously bent a pin on any of the previous machines I have built.

Before I spend another £130 (as a student it hurts a lot) I want to absolutely confirm its Motherboard and eliminate CPU and RAM as a possibility. I've asked around locally however I am hoping I find better luck here - does anybody have a test bench anywhere in Wales with a Skylake motherboard or CPU (preferably both) for 10 minutes? If Memtest runs for more than 15 seconds I can pretty much eliminate that part I am testing and confirm whether I need to purchase replacement parts.

Also has anybody had similar issues with this generation at all?
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