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Looking for sub $50 earphones

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My Creative EP-630 just died.. the right ear one stopped working.

I'm looking for black earphones that are under $50. Is there anything better than Sennheiser's CX-300s for this price range?

Will be used for MP3 songs (rock)/gaming.
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Denon c551k all the way baby.
Anyone else? Urgent need of headphones.

These any good?
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For a bit more you can get a pair of Sony MDR-V6's, which have some awesome sound for the money, and are practically bulletproof. I had a pair that I used almost every day, 4-6 hours per day, and they still sound great. I've moved on to a better pair since (AKG K702) but I still think it's one of the best investments I've made as far as gaming/computers is concerned.
I have the creative ep-630's and there pretty good. Decent noise cancellation, good bass, pretty good all around. They are also super comfy. The 830 are new so probably even better.
If you want in ear headphones, the Razer Moray look pretty good for only $35.

If you want a headset, i just picked up the gamecon 377 and they're amazing. They're $50 so they're at the top of your budget range.
I'm looking for earphones -- specifically in ear ones.

Only the Denon's sound catchy so far since I've heard about them. Everyone else has mixed opinions.
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I highly recommend the Denons also. I'm getting them next week because I believe they will be better than the Creatives. But I know for a fact, and im picky, that the Creatives are very good for the price.
Anyone know of a cheap place to get Denon AH-C551K's? All I see is $50 + $7 shipping and $8.75% tax for me.
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I got mine like 4 months ago off amazon for $45

Originally Posted by Eek
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I got mine like 4 months ago off amazon for $45


$49.98 + $6.98 shipping
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