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What is your maximum budget? - $650 Cheaper is better. I have $480 right now, if I pinch my pennies I can afford more, but I need a laptop ASAP.

What country are you in? - US

What will be the uses of this laptop? - Basic browsing, some graphic design, and casual gaming. (Just needs to run modern games. Doesn't need to run them at max settings.

Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you? - Not really. As long as it's a solid laptop without a bunch of issues.

What screen size do you require? - 14"+

What screen resolution do you require? - Doesn't matter.

Are you looking to buy NEW or would refurbished/recertified/used be okay? - As long as it has at least a 90 day warranty it doesn't matter.

How long should the battery last? (Under optimal conditions, no movies/games/heavy internet) - 3 hours +

What games would you like to play with your laptop? And on what settings? - Skyrim, Sims 4, Civ V, Sim City 5, and a few others. Obviously higher settings would be ideal, but I'm not too picky. As long as it runs smoothly.

What operating system do you need? (if any) - Win 7 or 8.

Is there a certain style of laptop you want? (aluminum, black, gaming, etc.) - No pink, and I'd prefer mostly black or silver/aluminum.

How much hard drive space do you need? - Doesn't matter. I'm going to be putting in an SSD anyhow.

Do you need any special hardware? (blue ray, webcam, specialty ports, etc.) - A back-lit keyboard would be nice, but it's not a deal breaker if it doesn't have one. A disk drive is not necessary.

Is there anything else we need to know? - I'm leaning toward AMD, as the price/performance seems to be better, but I'm open to just about anything.
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