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Hello i wish to buy a mousepad for my small ikea computer desk(with pull out space). The most important feature is that it has to be as thin as possible for me to put under the keyboard to cover small space.

Hard or cloth?

whatever is best for laser mouse i have no clue which one it is, but i have used hard mousepad before. i have never used a cloth before

Rough or smooth?

i do not know difference but something for long extended time used is nice.

Which size approximately?

Considering i have a small desk I wish for something thin that can cover half my keyboard and most of whatever i have left for mouse.( width of 25 inch id absolute max i can fit absolute max of about 17 inch as well. ( 17x25 L X W )

What's your maximum budget?

Don't wish to spend more than 30 bucks, 20-25 would be nice sweet spot

i mostly run 1200 dpi or medium speed almost 24/7

any information is appreciated.

P.S which types are best used for laser?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts