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Looking for Under $800 Laptop for Warcraft (WoW)

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Hi guys little help needed. My brother is looking to get a under 800 dollar laptop for his girlfriend for christmas. Only game she will be playing is World of warcraft, he has his tv and other computers to play movies and such so this is really just for her and her game, nothing else.

250gb hard drive space should be more than enough.

Online is ok, just USA only, thanks for the help!

Wow needs to be maxed out, other than shadows.
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Warcraft isn't that demanding. You shouldn't have a hard time finding a solid gaming pc for 800. Heck, I got a refurbished laptop in perfect condition for $670 with a 9700m gt and a t5750 and 4gb ram.
Yea I use to play it on desktop, but I really would like to see everything maxed out, knowing it isnt very intensive other than raids and loadlag /dalaran etc.
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