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I currently have a Zenfone 2. I love that device, it was the phone that killed Windows Phone for me. Seeing a solution better than the HTC One (M8) for Windows at half the price I paid for it was a pretty damning moment for Windows Phone, in my opinion.

Anyway, the phone I'm considering at this point in time is the Zenfone Zoom. It has all the features of the Zenfone 2, which I liked, plus a better speaker according to Android Central, and a slightly better camera due to the 3x optical zoom. It costs $400 new, or $320 used. I would prefer a new phone though. The plan, should I go through with this, is to give the Zenfone 2 to my brother, and then my family would only need one new device to switch to Cricket Wireless, saving my family $30 a month. My mom and my brother currently have Lumia 521 phones.

But at $400, are there better alternatives out there? Obviously it has to match or beat a Zenfone 2 in performance, it has to have 4 GB of RAM as I love multitasking, and the camera has to be better. The Zenfone Zoom checks all three boxes, though the third is barely met.

This all assumes I don't find a deal on a X79 motherboard, because if I find a deal, I'm scrapping this plan, and I will build a rig based on the Xeon E5-2670 I bought.
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