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Okay, so for my current build, which will use two PSUs working in tandem, I am looking to completely ditch all the cables in both power supplies (including the wall plugs) and completely remake them from the ground up (including sleeving).

One of the PSUs is a Corsair AX860i, and the other will be something else. I'm still narrowing it down to which one to use, as I would like one that's at least semi-modular (though a fully modular is preferable) while still being relatively low in terms of wattage (its only purpose would be to serve as a power source for the water cooling loop and lights while main power is off). That's neither here nor there at the moment, though any suggestions would be welcome.

I've determined, based on my own experiences, that the exterior PSU cables will need to be constructed of #12 MTW wiring and the rest from #16 MTW. I chose this particular wire due to the fact that it comes in pure copper stranded (the best kind to use), is decently flexible (we run that stuff all the time at work in spaces that are often less accommodating than a computer case), and frankly, I'm used to working with the stuff.

I already have 25' each of black, white, and green #12 in my McMaster shopping cart, and I plan to add a large quantity of #16 black wire, but I'm really curious as to exactly how much #16 I will need to order. It does come in 500' spools, and my gut instinct says to order four spools, but I could very well be wrong.

So, I put it to you guys... Will 2 spools (1000') suffice, or should I order three or four spools?
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