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Looking to replace my Gateway FX notebook

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Im looking to replace my FX-P6860 notebook. Its been a great notebook for the year I have had it. Im looking to get something that is just as powerful but lighter and smaller. Gets kinda old lugging it around being its so heavy. Its practicly brand new in apperance and such, so I imagine i can make some cash off of it once I do sell it. I use it for websurfing and playing WoW and other older games. Im not really playing hardcore shooters or anything. Just looking for a smaller version in terms of power of what I have now.

Come of the criteria are:

1: 14-16 inch screen(preferably towards the larger end)
2: Intel CPU
3: Im looking at the major brands right now ie. Dell, HP, Asus, Gateway, etc
4: I would like to keep it at or under a grand if possible
5: Im not picky as to GPU brand as long as its a dedicated one

Im not adverse to going to other brands. I really like the features, price and look of the ASUS ones.
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