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Looking to Upgrade from 8600GT

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It has served me well as a layover since June, but I would like something with a little more oomph. My mobo (bless its cheap little heart) is only AM2, and the PCI Express x16 lane isn't 2.0. I don't want to upgrade anything other than the video card right now, and I don't want extra performance that's wasted on my rig. I'm new so I need my options explained to me, in reference to bottlenecking.
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i have a 2.0 card on my 1.1 board, it really makes no difference for pretty much any card (GTX 295 and 4870 X2 may be different)
id reccomend the GTX260 core 216 it now retails at $199 and can be found for less and has MIRs.
ive had a 8600, 8800 and gtx 260, big leaps in between all of them.
And theres a 9800GT for $90 shipped at newegg right now there might also be a MIR idk.
gtx 260 is a good option.

a 4850 or so would also be a decent option. <-- probably the easiest on your 500w PSU

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gtx 260 is a good option.

a 4850 or so would also be a decent option. <-- probably the easiest on your 500w PSU

The EA500W is capable of GTX260 216 SLI

OT: Get yourself a 4830 or a 4850

Edit: If it is the 22A per rail not 17A per rail that Newegg is currently selling
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Well 4870 1Gbs are ******edly cheap for Americans.
go ATI in this case. In any category, ati performs better and/or is cheaper. I still think my 9800gtx+ is on par with a 4850, not beaten by it.. but thats up for debate I suppose.

Either way, you cant go wrong with ATI.
I would say for a medium improvement the 9600gt or the 4670. For a bit more eg crysis on high 1440x900 9800gt or 4850. In the Vista experience index. 4670 gets 5.8 and the 9600gt gets 5.9 while you will be getting around 5.5 to 5.6 now.
Ive Just Jumped From an 8600gt to a 9800gt and am very pleased.
are you gonna use those monitors in your rig? perhaps a 4830 will be more than fine. the 4850 is very cheap now w/c is also a good steal.

9800gt if you want folding. but nah. go red
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I bought the PSU in June if that's any indication of what it's putting out on the rail. Also, I will be using these monitors but in the near future I would also like to upgrade to 1680x1050.

Edit: I think I want to go ATI. What about upcoming releases from ATI?
ati will release 4770 and 4890 this april. 4770 will be a better choice than a 4830. it's nearly good as a 4850 and it should be more overclockable. it's just also $100
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How will this influence the prices of the current lineup? Also, is there a manufacturer I should stick with or beware of?
best ones from personal experince

ATI/AMD 9700P/9800P/x700P
Saphire 9600P/x800GTO

Had bad luck with a power color once x1900XTX
If you can't wait go with 4850 or 4830, if you can, wait for the price drop(april) and get 4770/4750
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