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Hi guys,

I would like to ask you for couple of tips, regarding my loop:

Performancewise it does the job very well, but I want to redesign it a bit. So far my main issues are: a) draining, b) removing all air bubbles (that is a pain in the @ss, takes me like 2 weeks, till it stops making bubling sounds)

All my components:

1. Rads: 280 Swiftech up+ Noctuas NF a14 FLX, 240 Alphacool Monsta +Noiseblockers
2. Pump Swiftech MCP 655, EK TOP, Phobya res.
3. Tubing 10/16 (I think it was Masterkleer and some laboratory tubing)

My case is NZXT 630.

I was thinking maybe going with 45 min 360 RAD up and 240 30 mil front? What are your ideas for pump and res location?
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