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Loose Plastic Fan Housing on 9800GT

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So, I have the Dual slot eVGA 9800GT this one here

I just recently bought it used here at OCN. and it looks all good. I've yet to install and try the card, but I will shortly.

The Plastic Fan housing stuff is loose. I don't think the Heat sink is loose, just the plastic. The card seems solid except for that part. I'm wondering if it's just loose, or is it something I should be worried about?

Also, I bought 2. one single slot XFX, and the double eVGA, the seller was running them in SLI. I'm selling one, and using the Dual slot for my backup card or what not. I want to test them both on a PC I just finished building. Since it's the same card, can I install one, install drivers and test it, Then pull it out and try the other. Or will I need to reinstall the drivers like usual because it's a different card? (I thought maybe not since they are the same model)

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If it seems loose take it apart and tighten it. It's the only thing I can think of doing.
I'll have to look that up, I've not ever messed with the 9800GT before.

the 4 screws going through the PCB to the heatsink metal thing that is under the plastic seems fine and tight, just the top plastic fan housing thing is loose. like a quarter inch of movement.
It should be fine. I've taken mine apart many times, usually to get rid of the dust build-up.
any other idea's or suggestions from people.
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