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Lord of the Ring Online trial?

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Hello there, I've been trying to find out a way to tryout LOTRO for some time now, I just can't believe they don't give a way to try the game beside the stupid "Buddy key" which is, in my opinion, is a completely useless system that I uterly hate (if you got a friend with the game, why wouldn't you just try the damn game on his computer!?). So is anyone aware of a way to check the game out? I don't feel like spending 60$ for a game that I might just hate, or hell if someone have a Buddy Invite lying around somewhere that he/she would be willing to give to me that would be great too.

Thank you.
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No one?
Get it from ebay?
DO you have a friend so you can borrow it for like a day?
Get "buddy key" from a website in the friebies part
Get what from Ebay? The game? As I said, I want to try it before buying it.
No I'd just go try it out to a friend house if I knew someone who had it..
Hum and which website give away those thing..?
I'm not sure you know what Buddy Key are; buddy key are special key that give you a 10 day trial of the game but the only way to get one is by having bought the game since it come in the damn box so if you don't know anyone with the game you're pretty much screwed because they don't offer any other way to try out the game, which is freakking ******ed and make no sense whatsoever, why would companies reduce chance of having more people buying and playing their game!!??
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