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Hey guys, we're all familiar with the Half Life 2: Lost Coast benchmark. I recently saw a review on the new 8800GTX and the 1950XTX. That comparison in and of itself is like comparing a 1950XTX to a 7800GTX but lets let that go by the wayside for the moment. Okay they ran a series of tests, of which, the HL:LC benchie was in it.


I've run it enough to know that those numbers were STUPIDLY LOW.... for both cards. All I can read in the article is x4/x16 AA/Aniso and full HDR. Okay, so I rev up my UNOCed E6600 and unOCed 1900xtx and crank out a 120FPS average bench.

***?!?! Supposedly the almighty 8800 can't do that? Yeah right.

Is there something I am missing here? The article sucks because they didn't mention the testing methods worth a damn...

SO I get a little perturbed and go crazy with my driver/game/atitool settings and come up with this... 90FPS...

What do you guys think? **** article? **** numbers? Or **** card(highly unlikely)?
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