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Lost in Silver City NM

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I have been browsing your site for some time now, but just joined recently. I have built three systems so far but I still consider myself a novice. I have no knowledge of how to properly overclock a system but I have all the right equipment. I want to thank all of the users of Overclock.net for the valuable knowledge I have gained from reading your posts and the ideas I have come up with by looking at some of the systems you have built. I have posted pictures of my second build and in the next few days when I get everything just the way I want it on third build, I will post some pictures of it. It is a technilogical masterpiece of the best components available today. I am going to start my fourth build here in a few days, for a media center system for my home entainment components. Most of the ideas I have for it came from reading blogs on this site. Again, I want to thank everyone for your helpful posts.
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Hello and welcome to OCN! Enjoy your stay here.
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welcome to OCN. There are a great group of folks here...

...and a lot of them want your PC.

How's that 240 working out for you? I see one on my horizon soon.
talk about a top-of-the-line sig rig :O

anyway, welcome to OCN!
welcome to our overclocking community
im sure you will enjoy your time here with us
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