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Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions

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bought this game off steam the other day for $5.

Figured that if it really sucks i wouldn't be out that much. lol

But actually, it's been sort of fun, and walking/running thru powder snow oddly sounds and feels like the real thing. =)

Anyways, I get to this big worm and my god, it brings my system down to it's knees unlike any game i've played yet has.

I don't hit below 20fps, but it seems sort of like it. This is DX10 version of the game, of course. I should get some snapshots, you should see how detailed the big worm is.

Just haven't gotten past it yet. almost a couple of times. not sure if i'm supposed to kill it, or avoid it.

But all in all, the game is okay. Worth the $5 i paid, but not really worth much more I would think.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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