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What is Lottocoin?
LottoCoin is a cryptocurrency made for the use for online gambling

Lottocoin is a scrypt PoW coin (A litecoin hybrid)

LottoCoin, is the most exciting coin to mine, because its a coin thats a game!

When you mine Lottocoin, you are playing lotto at the same time!

27 Lotto blocks are spread out randomly throughout the day, Get the lucky lotto blocks to win MEGA!!
Lotto prizes range from 131072 to 1048576

Even if you dont win a Lotto prize, you get a consolation prize between 256 and 65536 coins for every other block.

:::::::::: Features ::::::::::

- 30 seconds block time, Which means Fast confirming transactions
- Difficulty retargets every block, so diff chasers cant stripmine
- Initially random 256 - 65536 (256*256) coins per block
- Hourly, semi-daily and daily superblocks:
- Hourly lotto 131072 coins per block
- Semi-daily lotto 262144 coins per block
- Daily lotto 1048576 coins per block
- 4 confirmations for transaction. This zap-fast 2 minutes confirmation time
- 60 confirmations for minted blocks
- Total coins will be around 18,406,979,840 coins
- Premine 2%, for dev, support, bounty, and giveaway etc
- Transaction messaging
- The payout will be halved every 3 months. The minimum payout per block will be 1 coin.

What makes Lottocoin The best AltCoin for online Gamble?
-Super fast Transactions wich are needed to make gambling sites work.
-Build in lotto system for miners
-plenty of coins (its more fun to win 5000 Lot's then winning 0.0001 Btc)
-Sofar Lottocoin is the most used coin on any Gamble site that added Lottocoin.

:::::::::: BLOCK EXPLORERS :::::::::::


http://lottocoin.info/ (ABE)

:::::::::: LOTTOCOIN WALLET :::::::::::


:::::::::: MINING POOLS ::::::::::

Pool #1 2% fee (DDoS Protection)

Pool #2 1.5% fee

nut2pools, with multiple servers (EU, US, Japan), Vardiff, SSL, helpdesk, DDoS protection, etc

Pool #3 0% fee

0% | stratum | PPLNS | max vardiff 512 | Jackpot Block Bonus | DDOS Protection | EU and US servers

Pool #4 2% fee

Pool #5 0% fee, UK servers (3) 0% fee, stratum,vardiff,PPLNS


Pool #6 2% | stratum | PPLNS | vardiff | Block Finder Bonus | DDOS Protection

Pool #7 0% fee, stratum,vardiff,PPLNS

Pool #8 0% fee,

Pool #9 0% fee,

How do i mine Lottocoin?
-Step 1 : Find a Pool u want to mine from on the list above
-Step 2 : Make a Account on the pools Website
-Step 3 : After making a Account u now must go to *My Workers*
-Step 4 : Make a Worker (Remember the Name/Password of ur worker )
-Step 5 : Download Cgminer Windows: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/3.7/cgminer-3.7.2-windows.zip
(For Lunix or other OS check http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/3.7/ )
-Step 6 : Setup ur Cgminer : Open Notepad (windows)
-Step 7 : Type : cgminer --scrypt -o PoolsUrl:port -u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password -i 13
For instance mine is : cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://lot.dedicatedpool.com:3346 -u nudle.1 -p 123
(u can find ur Pools Url/port by going to *Getting started*)
-Extra Step : U can add extra parameters to improve ur mining i use : *-I 19 -g 2 -w 256 --thread-concurrency 8000* For my 6970
Almost every card has its own config u can find some here: https://litecoin.info/Mining_hardware_comparison/raw_data

-Step 8 : Save the Notepad as Anywordhere.bat (and set All files at Save as.)
-Step 9 Place this Bat file in ur Cgminer Folder.
-Step 10 DoubleClick on ur New Bat file (inside the Cgminer folder)
ur Now Mining LottoCoin!

After Mining a couple of Coins U can now Move them from ur Pool to ur Wallet
Here's How!

-Step 1: First u need to Download The LottoCoin Wallet. (From http://lottocoin.org/download.php )
-Step 2: Open ur Wallet and Click on *Receive coins*
-Step 3: Here on the right side u will see ur Lottocoin Adress (its safe to share this Adress)
-Step 4: go to ur Pools Website And Click on *Edit Account*
-Step 5: Add Ur Lottocoin Adress to Ur Pool's Account (the adress u just found on Step 3)
-Extra Step: u can also Add a Auto Payout if u Want by setting a number
use auto payout if u plan to Mine More Because Manual Payout cost more fee's ( 0.4 Lot each time u manual payout)
i use 5000 as Auto Payout.
-Step 6 Now that ur Adress is added to ur Pool the Pool will Transfer The Lot u Mined To ur Wallet ( most of the time within 5-30Min depends On Pool)

How do i Spend My LottoCoins?

-Go to any of the Gamble Websites Below Maybe u win Double ur Amount of coins!
-Or Go to any of the Exchanges to Trade ur Coins For Bitcoins Or Chinese Yuan


All Games Listed Here Are Provably Fair!

-Game 1#

RapidBalls : A Fun Site Where u can Easly Play Games Based On Lotto (Loto-Colors-Totals-InstantLotto-LuckyNumber)

-Game 2#

LottoGame: A weekly Lotto Draw Done By Lottocoin.org

-Game 3#

CoinBomb: A Easy way to increase ur Amount of Lottocoins! (WARNING Read the rules Good before Playing. )

-Game 4#

Lottodice: A fun and Adictive Dice Game

-Game 5#

LottoCoinCasino: a Casino With Alot of Games!

-Game 6#

LottoWheel: a Wheel of Fortune Game

-Game 7#
Cointography: Gues The right number and win Alot of lot!

-Game 8#
LotwinCasino: a online Casino That uses Lottocoin Blackjack,Slots,JokerPoker,Roulette,Sic bo


Games Being developed
-RapidBals Casino (34 Games!)
-New LottoCoin Casino : http://www.bitwincasino.com/ (Not ready Yet)
-New 3d Oculus Rift Vr Multiplayer Casino : http://www.game4coins.com/ (Not ready Yet)

:::::::::: Exchanges ::::::::::
Places where u can buy LottoCoin with Bitcoin!

1# : https://www.cryptsy.com

2# http://www.guogao.com/trade/LOT/ (Chineese Exchange)

3# https://coinedup.com/

:::::::::: Articles & Press Releases ::::::::::

Press Release 1

Press Release 2

Gambling Article


China slowly adopting LottoCoin

Free Lottocoin! Faucet


:::::::::: Socialmedia & Chat Rooms ::::::::::
SocialMedia :
1# Reddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/lottocoin
2# Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lottocoins
3#Twitter : https://twitter.com/Lotto_Coin

Chat Rooms :
1# http://chat.rapidballs.eu/
2# http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=lottocoin

Official Forum :
1# http://lottocointalk.org/

Official Bitcointalk Topic :
1# https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=368153.0

Official Site :
1# http://www.lottocoin.org/

So are you. Intrested into Lottocoin?
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