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Lots o Parts lol

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Athlon XP 2000,
Athlon XP2200,
Socket A board,
PEntium4 1.8 w board,
Pentium4 2.6HT wboard,
Geforce4 MX440,
BFG 5500 OC

ill add more stuff later, just what is a good price for these parts so far
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Athlon XP 2000 $12-15
Athlon XP2200 $12-15
Socket A board $15-20 (depending on model)
PEntium4 1.8 w board $25-30
Pentium4 2.6HT wboard $30-35 (slightly more if socket 775)
Geforce4 MX440 $15
BFG 5500 OC $20
nope, im getting everythibng but the p4 2.6 this afteroon, and gonna test it all of course before i try to sell lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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