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Lots of Problems with COD4

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It won't detect a ping for the OCN server. I'm trying to join it but it just times out.

Also, I only have about a few servers that come up for me now when searching for a hardcore game.

I'm patched up to 1.7.568. Did I miss something?

Here are some screenies. I have it set on hardcore, mods off, password off, and all for everything else. The servers that show up change every time I restart the game.

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Perhaps this is the MW2 effect?

Also, I think the COD4 server is down a lot... Never really seen anyone play in it.
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I don't think that's it. There was a thread earlier today that showed that there were over 10,000 players on COD4 at that moment.
Hmm.. That's weird.
How many servers do you get with no filters on?
The OCN server could use a restart. If you hop in it will display your ping at 999.

Originally Posted by Heady
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The OCN server could use a restart. If you hop in it will display your ping at 999.


Whats up with the server, it has been like that for days...

On a side note im on it, join in
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Watching Shawshank Redemption!

This timing is terrible

Thanks for the help guys. I'll give it a go a little later.
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I don't what is up with CoD4: Modern Warfare. The lag is getting worse and worse. I used to be able to play for hours with no lag. Now I'm lucky to play for 10 seconds without lag, and spikes, and players warping across the screen. I hate it when I try to move and find out after I'm dead that I did move but did not see it nor the kill because I lag so bad.

I only play on servers that say my ping is under 50ms.

The game has become unplayable. Looking at my system there is no reason for this to happen. I have a cable connection that has a download speed of over 27900kbps.

I've run PingPlotter to trace the route and find no big pings problems or lost packets.
My diagnosis is that Activision really hates PC gamers who are still playing COD4, and want to screw us into playing a worse game like COD 6... on PC...
Has COD4 updated since the release of MW2? I would expect no less of IW to sabotage COD4 netcode to bring up the sales of MW2.

If we had people to reverse-engineer the IW netcode and find problems in association with bad writing of the netcode and find out if it was implemented after the release of MW2. Than we have a class-action!

IW has been contradicting themselves since they hit the gaming market. They do a dis-service to the PC gaming community by releasing games that would be par for a 360, but crap on a PC. "I will not buy from a publishing company that does not hold its customers equal to their product".

If the release of MW2
C does not show this, please buy a console and leave the PC community. Your monies to IW are only helping them grow the demise of our franchise.
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