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Loud Buzzing Coming From Foxconn Bloodrage GTI

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Well, I just finished putting together my current project link in my sig:

CPU - i7 920

Mobo - Bloodrage GTI

RAM - 3x2 GB G. Skill Pi DDR3 1600

PSU - Antec CP-850

HDDs - OS: OCZ Vertex 30GB, Games: WD Black 640GB

GPUs - 2x GTX 260 216

Sound Card - X-Fi Titanium

....turn it on and nothing other than a very loud buzzing noise that seems to be coming from the CPU area

No display, no code on the motherboard led readout, just a really loud buzzing sound. All other power LEDs are lit up on the motherboard. I'm not sure what exactly it would be, it's much louder than cap squeal that I have heard many times before. It almost sounds like the loud buzzing when a fan is going out (I already turned it on with all fans off).

I'm in the process of removing all RAM and trying 1 stick at a time for now as that is the easiest thing to get out of the way....any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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wierdo124 says that it's probably over voltage from your PSU and your minutes from frying your system to pieces. It's awesome when people put words in your mouth, eh wierdo124?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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