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Loud cpu cooler

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Lately my AC freezer 64 pro has been loud at max RPM. It's more of a low tone sound, which sounds like loud humming and it's pretty annoying.

When I booted my comp today it was at 2000 RPM for like 15 min and it was quiet, but when it got to 2400 it got loud (not that loud) and annoying.

How can I fix this?
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Originally Posted by dralb
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I would:

1) Make sure the fins are clean.
2) Manually set the RPM's
3) Replace with a quiter fan.

1. Okay will do that

2. Meaning? Smartfan is disabled

3. You can replace the AC64 fan?


Originally Posted by Tator Tot
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Set its RPM in the BIOS and disable Smartfan.

Smartfan will make your RPMs go up as your temps go up.

Though it also sounds like you could have a dying fan, as at 2400 RPM, my Freezer Pro is not any louder than my Tri-cools.

SF is disabled, I had the cooler for 5 months.
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