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Low Budget Build

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I got a new computer for my dad
Since I just got a job and he plays games.

I used some spare parts I had in the past.

CPU: Intel e6700 + Mugen Scythe Mugen-2
GPU: Sapphire 4890 HD
RAM: 4 x 1Gig OCZ
PSU: Corsair 750TX
HDD: WD Black Caviar 250
DVDRW: Lite-on
Case: Lian Li LanCool PC-K62
Fan Controller: Scythe KM02
Monitor Mouse Keyboard: Sames ones as in my spec, because I bought 2 each for my dad.

I ordered the parts today, so they should come soon.
I guess i'll post pictures when my new cell phone comes in
Just got Moto Droid.

It's not a high end crazy build, but I guess it will do everyday tasks and hold up.
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