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Hi there folks,

I'm looking to build myself a custom made PC for non-intensive music production in FL Studio (I'm pretty much a beginner using FL so certainly won't be doing any serious work for now, but could later on in a year or so). What I'm hoping to do is start off with a decent spec pc and then upgrade later as I need to such as go from 4GB RAM to 8GB, even 16GB later on in say 2 years. Also, the fact I'm not in one place all the time, I would use this PC for a month and then come back a month later so really I'd only be using this PC about 5 months out of the year which means it would go out of date more quickly. I may even lose interest in FL and don't want to have wasted my money on building a high end rig for nothing.

Budget is ideally no more than about £400-£500 ($600-$760), as long as I have lots of room to expand, such as extra PCIe slots, RAM slots for the future. Won't be overclocking. I only have about 5GB soundfonts to play with at moment and no plugins, sad I know haha, just can't decide on what plugins are best for my money yet.

I know a few basics about the setup I'm looking for:
Intel processor at least 3.2GHz (this will probably be the most expensive component of the rig)

Just 1 HDD @ 500GB should be plenty but would prefer a 1TB if not much difference in price (would you recommend a SSD or not really worth it?)

Graphics card must have output for 2 monitors should I decide to buy an additional monitor in the future and must allow HD video playback on youtube. I never know if HD video playback ability is based on the video card, CPU or both?!

Not sure about what the best value MOBO is to buy, not looking for any fancy integrated overclocking features, my main concern is how sufficient the CPU and other components would need to be cooled and how many expansion slots it has. Really don't want to waste money on all the extras on the board I probably will never need.

RAM, as I say I'd start with 4GB and add later. Does RAM tend to become cheaper over time or does it work the other way? I've heard it can get more expensive or is that just for the earlier hard to come by DDR2 RAM?

Best value PSU with at least 4-5 SATA connections, case, no idea! Can anyone recommend a great sound card (external is best right?)

I think that's it for now. Sorry it's a long post. You guys are probably why the heck can't he do his own research? Thing is, I've got basic knowledge of hardware, never built a PC before and need this rig ideally by next week so just needed some ideas as don't really know where to start off. I'm just hoping this is the best route to take, starting off minimalist, and then upgrading as I need to.

Cheers folks.
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