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Low FPS in Counter-Strike.....

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So, I've been getting back into counter-strike over the last few days. I've always been a fan of CS. and I play it old school CS 1.6

Anyways, I'm done with all my games, no more COD4 and 5, Crysis, FC2. I'm finally back to my PC game roots of CS, and Starcraft. haha.

OK, so here's my problem. I understand that Counter-strike probably doesn't work with SLI. and I'm ok with that. but my problem is that my GTX 260 is getting the same FPS as my old 8600GT did.

In CS I get 60 FPS.. SOLID.. it never dips below 60, and never goes higher, and I think it's just messed up or something. I know how to set things like fps_max, and update_rate and stuff of that sort. But I'm wondering why it's only saying 60FPS. the guys I was playing with were all around 80-100 FPS give or take a few. and I'm at 60.

Anyone have any idea's or can help me out?

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Turn Vsync off. With that enabled it makes it so you don't go any higher than 60FPS.
^What he said. Besides.. it won't really matter if you get over 60 fps anyway, you'll most likely not notice it.
do I turn off vsync in game... in CS settings.. or just disable it in my Nvidia control panel?

thanks guys i'll try that
just disable it in nvidia control panel, and no you"ll see a huge difference =]

good luck
cs 1.6 is the best game ever
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turn off vsync in the CS video-> advanced settings
haha , i know your pain. I too went back to CS. In settings I had everything checked , and it sure did make my FPS stick at 60FPS. First turn off Vsync in game and see if that works.

Originally Posted by USFORCES
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Vsync is a good thing though, 60FPS is all you need....

but, only problem is vsync produces a sort of mouse lag :/
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if your mouse feel laggy you can try to put this


in games right clic cs/properties/set lunchoption

even if yout think your mouse is fine you should try it !
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