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Low FPS in CS:S with4200+ x2, 2.2GHz stock, 939

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I play Counter-Strike: Source, and it's really choppy on my computer and I can't seem to figure out why, I have more than enough to run it without any problems at all yet its still terrible, I was wondering if anyone could help me. At first I thought it was the motherboard, and I upgraded, that still hasn't changed anything. Specs.
Motherboard = A8N-SLI SE
Processor = 4200+ x2, 2.2GHz stock, 939.
Video Card = BFG 7950GT OC 512mb
Ram = 1.5gb, 2 Nanya Technologies and 1 Wintec Ampo, all 512's and same speeds.
Power Supply = 480w Rosewill.

Also I don't know why but when I used my friends 1gb stick of ram without anything else, it ran Source crappy like it always does, but bullets actually worked, lol. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me with this, I've been trying to figure it out for the past 6 months.
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hi. - Welcome to the forums

Sorry to hear about your lil prob there.
A lot of things could cause your lil prob there.
The questions I would ask are.

does this happen in other games?
What are your CPU and graphics card temps like?

If your temps are fine, they you may very well just need some updated drivers..

do you have the lastest 'ForceWare' drivers?
If not - you should get them.
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, I don't have any other games that require a good video card/processor to run, so trying them out wouldn't help me in this situation, and the graphics card in my new case is usually 40-50ish idle, and the processor is always 30-33, goes to about 41 when stress testing. I do have the latest nForce drivers, video card drivers, and processor drivers, and I do have the dual core optimizer as well.
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Hmm. I see.
Your temps are great.

But I'll ask - what are your "latest drivers?" lol ^_^.

sometimes, because of certain system incompatibilities, you have to try around with more than one revision of drivers.
Say - the one before.

I dont really see much of the said with XP though - thats just a thought.

Do you have your chipset drivers up to date?
What are your CS detail settings like may I ask?

(and btw - you should try another (somewhat demanding) game
If that ran completly fine, it would say/tell a lot if you get me.

Or at least - run a bench Utill with pretty graphics

(someone reccomend him one please)
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I'm using an nForce 9.16 revision I got off of www.Guru3d.com, using older drivers for my video card, 91.47, someone suggested that on a different forum, I was using 162.18. Using the dual core optimizer and the amd drivers v1.3.2.16. I have everything on high in CS:S, although I do not have vertical sync enabled nor do I have HDR enabled. And Color Correction is also off. My friend recently got a similar setup and it runs the game flawlessly.
Your CPU and graphics card can handle CS Source just fine. You should be able to have everything on high with HDR on and V Sync off (because its dumb lol). Don't turn up anti-aliasing too high or anisotropic, I had to back those down to the recommended settings of 2x and 4x respectively on my 7900 GS b/c it made my card run too hot.

Have you tried many servers? When the server lags you lag, even if you have a good ping, so maybe you just routinely play on a bad server? If that's not the case, how's your ping in general? If you're on an old DSL or worse, the choppy-ness may be from your itnernet. Or even on a quality cable line, like my 8Mb/sec line, if a roommate or family member is downloading on something like Azereus, your badwidth can be choked enough to make CS Source VERY choppy. Try running a benchmark like 3D Mark 06 and let us know your detailed results, as this will isolate the hardware and take out factors like game/internet settings. You can download it here: http://www.futuremark.com/download/3dmark06/ The links for download are the mirror sites at the bottom of the page.

Since temps look pretty good, I'm leaning toward your memory or your software. Is it DDR 400 memory? Mixing brands of RAM, especially when you have a dual channel set and a single channel piece can cause issues. For under $100 you can get a quality name brand set of 2x1 GB DDR 400 and that should boost performance. In fact, it's possible you have a dead stick, though putting in a stick of your friend's 1 GB and having the problem persist (though slightly improved) would suggest this is unlikely.

Software problems is my guess. You may have malware running in the background as you play, hogging your already limited and/or potentially flawed RAM. I've never used dual core optimizer but I wouldn't be surprised if that's hogging resources too. Wiping your system clean (i.e. reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows) and getting a new set of 2x1GB DDR 400 name brand memory would probably do the trick, but since that costs money and takes time you may want to explore other options first.
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That RAM mix will hurt the memory performance...you loose the DDR effect. The memory factor may also be compounded by the small cache on the HDD when the programs have to depend on the "Virtual Memory" cached on the HDD.
Also, have updated your motherboard drivers at all?
I'll look into getting 2gb (2x1) and running it into dual channel at some point, but I have no extra cash at the moment, but last night I decided to give overclocking a try, I took out 2 sticks and left in my Wintec Ampo, overclocked it to 2-2-3-5 from 3-6-6-8. And the funny part is it runs source a little better, after going through the map once, due to the small amount of ram, and the registry is a lot better. Then I decided to overclock the two that were the same, for a better effect in dual channel, but when I checked CPU-Z it said that the channel was single, even though they were both installed properly and both recognized. Any ideas on that?

And yes I do have my motherboard drivers completely updated, along with the bios. And at first I thought it was my hard drive too, but the activity light barely flashes when I play source, it just goes red every 5-10 seconds.

EDIT: It isn't just crappy servers because it happens a lot at lans too. Plus I just formatted again last night, didn't change anything yet performance wise. I'll also install 3dMark and give that a go, I'll post with the results soon, thanks.
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Mixing RAM can be a pain... could be your issue!

DC... if there in the correct slots... unsure. Is there any setting in the BIOS for "DC"... not familiar with that BIOS.
I'll check it out next time I restart
. Which will be 10 seconds, because now I'm curious, lol.

EDIT: I tried HL2 out last night, another demanding game, and it still did the same thing, so I know it isn't just CS:S. But those are run off the same engine, lol.
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I didn't see a "DC" or a Dual Channel option anywhere, although I believe it's supposed to auto-enable it. According to the motherboards guide-book.
Since it sounds like its a memory issue, have you tried downloading memtest86+? It's a program used to test the RAM for stability.

The third link from the top "Download - Memtest86 v3.3 ISO image (zip)" should be downloaded. If my memory is correct, you just double-click on the .iso file and Nero would automatically load the correct burning program to burn the .iso file as a bootable CD. Then just restart the computer, and assuming it's set to boot from CD first, it will load memtest86+ after loading the BIOS but before starting Windows. From there you can run tests to check the stability.
I've got Memtest86 on an old Linux cd, but how would it be unstable when the other ram isn't overclocked?
Quick question.

Are you actually playing ONLINE?? :|
Start with the basics, then work your way up.

Memtest, then chkdsk and defrag.

Then, open HL2 or CS:S (really for this issue, they're the same game).

Run the video test inside the game, see if its at all choppy etc...

Even though its choppy, how many fps are you getting?
If you don't have it turned on to show fps etc, in the console type cl_netgraph 3 for it to show fps, ping etc...

That will be another good indicator of where the problem is occurring...
please bear in mind though.
That all FPS meters in CS:S - DETRACT from your overall FPS when enabled

So .. you can just use it for testing.

(BTW - would be best to do all your testing SINGLE player. rather than online)
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Originally Posted by Grim
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please bear in mind though.
That all FPS meters in CS:S - DETRACT from your overall FPS when enabled


Any idea how much fps it drops?
Guess I'll turn it off when I get home LOL...
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Yes of course I'm playing online, lol, and I've done the stress test a bunch of times, its always at my cap, which is 100fps. And it runs perfectly, without it capped I get around 168-190, but when I join a server, it runs perfect, untill somebody joins, the issue usually occurs when there is someone right around the corner, the fps drops a bit and it begins to get really choppy, if I'm in a server with more than 1 person its almost unplayable, I have cable, 3mb so I know that isn't the problem. I've defragged and that didn't help before either,and I still don't see the point of MemTest when I'm not overclocking it.
Sounds like lag spiking...

Try some single-player and see if the same choppiness happens when you come up on someone...

This may sound like an odd question, but what Firewall / AV are you using?

Also, run a speedtest to see what actual speeds you're getting. You may be on a 3mb line, you're not getting the full 3mb for sure...

And memtest is a general test, not just for OCing... its a way to rule out the memory as an issue.
Alright, well I just did the Video Stress Test, and I got 94.43 fps, of a capped 100. Even though it stayed 99 the whole time, plus Single-Player is still choppy. I'm not using a firewall or anti-virus program, I never do since I don't do anything on this computer but play games. I run speed-tests almost everyday because I have to talk to Charter Internet's ****ty technicians, and it's usually at about 3mb, so I'd say about 2.7mb is used. And it doesn't spike in Net_graph 3. And I guess I will give MemTest a go later, for the sake of ruling it out and because I recently oc'd both in dual channel to 2-2-2-5. How long does it usually take?
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