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Found the following below $5/GB

Corsair LPX: 31mm
Crucial Ballistix Sport : no added height (30mm)

G.Skill Aegis : 31.2mm
Team Elite Plus : 31.25mm
Team Vulcan: 32mm

Kingston Hyper X Fury : 34mm
Mushkin Stealth / Proline?
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline

Anything better than Corsair Vengeance LPX in terms of memory ICs (Samsung/Hynix) , preferably over 2400 Mhz out of the box?

There seems to be nothing similar to the Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP that is available for DDR3 with 18.76mm height or the Samsung 30nm Green RAM (which could do 2400MHz at 1.5V other kits could only get 1600 or 2133Mhz on).
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