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Lower Voltage?

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Recently I added a second pair of 2GB Dominator sticks to my setup for a total of 8GB. As expected, I was unable to run all four sticks at their stock (1066MHz) speed at the stock voltage. Rather than risk damaging them with overvolting, I decided to underclock them to match my FSB speed. I was able to tighten the timings to 4 4 4 12 from the stock 5 5 5 15 to make up for some of the speed loss, and I hope to be able to lower them a bit more.

Here's the question, though. With the lower clock speed and given the tighter timings, should I reduce the voltage from the stock 2.10v?
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Originally Posted by microman
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i would try bumping that ram speed that ram should do at least 1100mhz if not more. just bump the ram voltage to 2.2 or 2.3 and goto it

Nope, those are Powerchips and they don't scale with voltage. 2.0v 5-5-5-15 should get you to 1066 or higher without issue. However your mobo may hold you back.
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