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Lowering ram speed

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Hey, I can't go with my TA790 + 4400+ any further than FSB 260, otherwise I get a message after the T Series screen (boot ) that there was a problem and I must lower the ram speed in order to complete the overkclock.

Here is pics from CPUZ

overdrive pic:

please tell me what shall I change, and if it will effect the speed of my pc.
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p11ma.... your memory is overclocked quite a bit at 1004 MHz. If you drop your memory back to the 667 divider and get that speed down.... you should have some more headroom for your overall OC.
The ratio should be 1:1 (CPU/1 - FSB:RAM).

Originally Posted by Biatch
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The ratio should be 1:1 (CPU/1 - FSB:RAM).

ok, I didn't get that one. explane please
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