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This is the first card i will have used and i want to make sure this will work.
Looking at this Ebay link (USA shipped to Canada) or possibly a 16i from china.

In reading on getting the flash done, i have seen a few references to needing to using the right version for the host OS. When i looked through he Broadcom site there are a few to chose from. What i was reading were tutorials/posts mostly on the NAS builds none were dealing with Proxmox.

Is this going to be an issue or just use the latest ones and i should be good to go?

Hardware List as it stands

AsRock X470D4U (Need)

Ryzen 7 2700 (have)

Kingston KSM32ED8 / 32ME (x2 for 64GB) (need)

Cooler Master 690 Case (V1.0) (have)

Athena Power BP-TL3051SAC (5 x 3.5" drives) (need)

Athena Power BP-TL2131SAC (3 x 3.5" drives) (have)

650W power Supply (have)

and a handful of hard drives. (have)(need)

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