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Lumberjack Commando Reporting In

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Hi everyone, obligatory intro thread time.

My name is Kurt, I live in Calgary Canada, and I have recently become addicted to overclocking. I'm currently going to school for an IT Network Systems program, and previously attended university for two years. I have several hobbies including DJing, Downhill skiing, Squash & PC gaming.

I'm fairly new to the whole PC enthusiast scene, but the internet seems to be full of alot of information, I've been lurking here (and other OCing forums) for quite some time now, and by doing that I have managed to get my new i7 860 to 4GHz without issue. I'm looking forward to learning more and wasting lots of time on these forums!
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Hi and welcome
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Welcome fellow Canadian, DJ hobbyist and Gamer!
I'm sure you'll get all your questions answered here
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