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M2n SLI 125watt ?

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can i use a 125watt processor on this like a x4 cause i only know that it could use a 95 watt only
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Yes, absolutely. i am running my 125W 6400BE+ with no problems. Others have had success running the PhII 940 on this board also, and able to OC as well.
are you sure i dont have the delux version of the board i have this


The official Asus CPU support on your board lists an FX-62 that is 125W with the 0301 BIOS, so although they are not officially supported, chances are that it will work.

*EDIT* Your mobo has official support for all the AMD CPUs up to the 9850 quad, so it will definitely support 125W CPUs with the 0903 BIOS.
As said above, YES YOU CAN! I have a 940BE running and o/c to 3.6!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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