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M3A78 Pro 1.3 max vcore.

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I recently got this board. Was going to try and overclock it some and noticed in bios that the max vcore is 1.3. I need a little more and googled the problem. The specs say that it is adjustable to 1.7. Well on the Asus forums this has been brought up but so far no response from Asus.

Anyway since the board does not meet the advertised specs I started an rma. It was approved and Asus even agreed to cover the shipping both ways. Here is my question.

1. Would a bios update solve this issue?
2. If a bios update isn't the answer or not available will Asus send a different model board as replacement?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
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Interesting, I have the same board but have never needed a vcore of more than 1.25. I am going to follow this thread to see where it leads... I "could" try and set my vcore to more than 1.3, to see if the latest BIOS (which I have installed) fixes the issue, but I need sources saying that pumping 1.3+ volts into my CPU won't damage it. Get that for me and I'll post the results today on this thread for you to see.
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