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M3A79-T Deluxe or M4A79 Deluxe ?

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after six months of using this 6100 mobo, i plan to upgrade it
what is the difference between these two ?
I plan to upgrade to a AM3 BE cpu later if Intel won't kill AMD, which one is more compatible ?
I have to wait 2 weeks for M4A79 Deluxe to arrive in my country, is it worth waiting and a little extra price because it's newer than M3 ?

sorry my English
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The "T" version uses DDR3 Ram while the other uses DDR2 Ram

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I thought one was the DDR3 version, and I was going to comment. Realized they are both DDR2.

Anyways, if it were me I'd go with the newer M4A79 Deluxe. It's supposed to be an improved version. It's only a few dollars more, as well.
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only complaint i have is alot 4 slots for crossfire with no way to realy fit 4 good cards in and very few other pci slots
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