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M4A79 deluxe kinda lost on some new options

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OK so it has
cpu volts
cpu/NB volts
cpu VDDA volts
dram volts
HT volts
NB volts
NB 1.8 Volts
SB volts

So I'm kinda lost what is the differences in cpu/NB volts and NB volts are and what NB 1.8 volts are. Also PCIE spread spectrum do I want that off? If anyone knows this all works please let me know my other m4a79-t deluxe did not have some of this stuff.
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well I guess I got to try and fined this out on my own. Don't even no how high i can go on this stuff safely.
My M3A79-T has most of those options. The CPU-NB volts are the volts that most call NB. I tried running those on Auto but overclocking was severely limited. I ended up raising them to 1.4 (which is what GSkill recommends for NB voltage on the memory I use). I just set most of the others for their default voltage, and the CPU VDDA at Auto. I have no idea what the NB 1.8 volts are, as that is a setting my board doesn't have.

I have left anything labeled "spectrum" disabled.

I hope that is some help.
The spectrum settings are for the spread spectrum. It will oscillate the clock frequencies slightly to prevent electromagnetic interference with nearby electronic devices. Using it will cause the ever so slightest loss in mhz, like a 2ghz cpu running at 1999mhz. I had it off for a couple years on my last PC to get that last hz lol. Then one day I started getting some BSODs. Even though I had not moved the PC or placed anything new around it, turning the spread spectrum back on solved the issue. I would recommend leaving it on, the 1 hz gain isn't worth a night or two of pulling your hair out in the event that it is ever an issue.

As far as the other stuff, generally speaking:
NB = North Bridge, controls CPU stuff among other things.
SB = South Bridge, controls non-CPU stuff like PCI slots and often HDs.
HT = Hyper Transport, CPU bandwidth is an OK laymans term. (someone correct me if need be)
VDDA. Has to do with RAM to CPU bus? Not 100% sure.

There's some basics. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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