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I have a few questions.. I want to get the most out of my PC.

but some facts first


CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1050T -
MB - Asus M4A89td - Pro/USB
RAM - PQI 4 x 2gig (8gig) @ 1333MHZ
GPU - Sapphire 7870 xt

My question.

When i use the turbo V, there is an auto tune feature, i resets my pc a and has 232MHZ

In CPU-z The speed and multiplyer seem to jump up and down (im guessing due to demand)

Is this a problem in games, Im finding there are some moments in any game, where my pc freezes for a sec then jumps up fast?

Can anyone recommend a better way to set this up?

I think it runs quiet n ease in the back ground as well.

Should i have all 6 cores unlocked?

When i use the other OC utility it seems to set my ram back to 833mhz - is this normal?

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