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I have been in a dilemma trying to troubleshoot the black screen in my macbook that happened suddenly.

The machine is very lightly used but i dont know what caused it.

When the machine is powered on nothing appears on the display. The keyboard doesn't lit up which says its not going into OS. When i connect to external display fortunately i can see its asking for Password reset. But why Password reset ? I didn't want to reset my password. From the top bar i managed to boot into disk utilities.
There i deleted,erased and broke all my partitions and merged them again. Installed Mac OS High sierra and when it finished downloading from the internet an error appeared "Could not create a preboot volume for APFS install". I tried formatting the drive to MAC OS journaled but it was not happening.

Then i downloaded a copy of high sierra on my windows PC and made a bootable flash drive with Transmac.

i managed to get into disk Utilities pressing Control+Command+p+r+power and from the startup disk on the top bar i selected by flash drive and booted into it.

Now i was able to partition my SSD to MAC OS journaled.

Then the setup started. Everything went on normally. I set up my MAC and finally the OS appeared on the external display.

At this point of time the MAC is still is connected to external display. Now i shut my macbook down. Disconnected it from the HDMI hoping now everything will be normal as OS is installed normally. As soon as my turn on my macbook, there's a chime and black screen...no changes.The installation of new new OS did nothing.

OK fine . Now connected to external display. It should work normally right ? The keyboard should lit up, the login part should come up. If those appeared i would have said its a problem with display. But no again black screen and i am back to zero. Booting to my SSD (Macintosh HD) from disk utilities does nothing and only black screen.

What is the problem guys ? This is bizzare.

Can anyone shed some light into this ?

Thanks in advance.
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