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MacBook Pro vs Custom PC (or both?)

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I have a 15" 2.8Ghz MacBook Pro unopened in it's box. That means I can go and return it right now for a full refund of $2,300 plus tax. I know a lot about computers and building them. I've wanted to build a computer for quite a long time, and it turns me off that Macs are targeted towards people who don't know anything about computers. The primary things I like the Mac for are it's tools for creative professional. Audio and music production is a hobby of mine and the Mac has garageband. To this day, I've never been able to find anything similar on the PC. I also like iWeb, because it simplifies the process of website creation without using free websites like freewebs.com Other than those things, I need a Mac for nothing else. I want a PC because, with the money this Mac costs, I can build a decent rig. Keep in mind, though, that I am not the biggest gaming freak, I have a life and friends, etc, but I do enjoy having expensive, powerful, overall badass hardware. I know that almost 90% of this site is made up of Mac haters, but please try to understand both sides, Apple and Microsoft. Now, I have a decision. I can open this Mac and use it, then wait about half a year until July, and in July build a PC with a budget that is undisclosed to myself, which poses some risk as to what the outcome could be if I take this route, unless the budget turns out to be even more than the price of the Mac and I get lucky. Another option is to return this Mac and use the money to build a PC right this instant. The drawbacks to this route include the set budget of $2,300 plus tax, which could be good for security of not dropping below that amount, but bad for the security of not going over. Finally, I could return this Mac and go without a computer until July, and at that point use a budget that is almost guaranteed to be over $2,000 and possibly into the $3000s and $4000s. The negatives of this pathway are obviously I will have no computer for about half a year and might constantly be bored. Also, I will have nothing at all to do during Winter holiday, the various holidays throughout the high school year, and a chunk of summer. The good part is that I will have a good budget to get what I please, and NVIDIA's 300 series of graphics cards should be released by then. Another random piece of info, I don't usually take my laptop to different places, which could be another lean in the direction of a stationary desktop. So, if you are not in a rush and have nothing urgent that needs to be done, please take a moment to contemplate this decision and assist me in making it.
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Return it and get another. Mac makes great computers, and in the 13" base model price range, it is hands down the best model available for the price.

Then with the $1000 you still saved, build a great desktop as well.

If you really don't think you need a notebook computer and space is not an issue, then just return it, but realize you're going to be hit with a 10% restocking fee. Use cash to build a great rig right now, and still have a great chunk of change left over.

Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of thinking "oh I have $2,300, let's buy the most expensive of everything."

On that note, you don't need an i7 extreme edition, you don't need a 1000 watt psu, and you don't need to buy the special edition $350 memory.

Also, you can't cool a PC with a fridge
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