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Mach 2 gt temps

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Looking around most modded mach 2 gt seem to sit at around -55° in bios i no most bios wont read less.
Mine is sitting around -35° have i got a problem with my mount or is this normal
there has been no overclocking yet.

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Ok updated that the mods i have been told are bigger condenser and desuperheater
many boards and chips have an issue reading below a certain temp, so you really cant go off that for sure. Put some load on it and see where it stands.
I just clocked it to 3ghz with 1.4 cpu core voltage the temps went from
-35° to -27° do you think that's normal with load?
Hard to say.

About the only way to know for sure what your temps are is to get a thermometer (forgot which the good ones are) and check it your self. Other then that its a trial and error thing and the installed temp sensors on the mach2 can be off by about 10-15 from what I understand.
Look on ebay for uei dt150's, dt200's or maybe some of the 302's. Fluke has some good ones too, look for fluke 51's and fluke 52's.

Those will help you accurately measure temps, I got my old dt150 for $30.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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