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Madballs in... Babo:Invasion Gift Pass!

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I have a guest pass for Madballs in... Babo:Invasion. This contest is open for everybody that has been a member since 29 November 2009 0:00 EST! I feel that that should make it so that there's no cheating, and almost every single person on OCN should be able to enter. There is no rep requirement either! The only other requirements are you must have Steam, you must not OWN the game, and you want to test out the game because you are on the fence about buying it.

Contest ends: 1 December 2009 0:00 EST

Good luck!


Winner: vwgti

Thanks for playing guys!
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I'll be in. A free game is a free game. OR SO I ASSUME.
Everybody here knows what a guest pass is right...? It's like a trial of a game. I send you a temporary license, and you can play the full game for a set amount of time. It's kinda like demoing a game at a Gamestop, as opposed to downloading a game demo that usually has a set of restrictions.
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Winner is post #2, vwgti. Check your PM box.
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No way, the Madballs? I remember watching them, as a kid.
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