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MAG Beta Keys For Free

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Go check it out, the Devs are giving out a TON of keys, 2 days later and their still coming. so. Grab em well there hot. hehhe. I got one today, so still good.
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wow, 256 people in 1 game? awesome!
I got about 4 earlier today for me and my buds. The site wasn't working yesterday, but I guess they added more? I'd suggest you try the website every couple of hours if you get any errors.
You're welcome!
Got my beta key yesterday. Be prepared for a 2 gig download that you can't back out of once you launch the original 300 MB file, though. I'm begrudgingly sitting through it right now.
I signed up but looking at the times when the server is up will be hard for me outside of Monday and Tuesday
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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