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Hello, how are you?
I recently upgraded my gaming pc.
I did an ITX build and moved it to the living room.
At the same time I got a Sony XE90 TV.
The TV is great in the image department and gaming on it is a pure joy!
I love the setup.
But the audio is lacking.
I am currently just using the TV speakers.
I have the computer connected with hdmi from the GPU to the tv.

Now I am looking at upgrading the sound.
I am not looking at doing a setup with speakers and a receiver and such.

I was looking at a samsung soudbar, the k950 atmos model.
I can get it for a good price.
But then I also thought if I should just get an external USB Dac and Amp combo a some good headphones like a pair of HD600.

Since the usage is 80% PC gaming and just 10% general tv and 10% movies, I am wondering if an atmos setup is worth it or if for my gaming addiction, if the headphones route would be better.

What are your thoughts on this?
Thank you.
Best regards

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If mostly gaming, then you really want positional audio. Either real physical multiple speaker setup or virtual surround with headphones. Take your pick.

If going with speakers, then the best would be connecting your video card to a good quality receiver via HDMI.

If opting for virtual surround and headphones, then I say you would really want a sound card (Creative currently has the best virtual sound software).
There are other options, but I would say those would be the obvious and easiest.
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